Dear Guardian Angels,

Thank you SO MUCH for your generosity.  I received your boxes yesterday (received 3 of 4, I’m sure the 4th is on the way).  Reading through the letters/cards and looking at all that you sent brought tears to my eyes.  We very much appreciate it!!!

I am the cardiologist at XXXXXXX Hospital at (a sandy place).  One of my technicians at Wright-Patt, Earl Bettinger, gave you my information.  I will share what you sent with the hospital here.  We have a central break room called “Holy Joe’s” where we can get coffee and have decent Wifi access.  We typically see boxes set there for community use, which is where I will share your items.  In my individual flight there are about 20 individuals but the hospital as a whole is a lot more.

To answer your questions, yes we do have a microwave, we do have access to a PX/BX, and we do have females in our unit.  🙂

Again, we greatly appreciate what you have sent.  🙂  In addition, we do go through a lot of Kcup coffee so can always use that.  We also have a laundry in our hospital so tide pods and dryer sheets always come in handy.

Moleskin also comes in handy.

There are not any restrictions other than no alcohol or pork products .

I would say that my mail stop date is XXXX.  I probably will be here a little bit longer but that is approximate.

I am a Mom of 2.  My daughter, XXXXX, is finishing up kindergarden at XXXXXXX and my son, XXXXX, is almost 16mos.  My husband, David, is also active duty Air Force.

We thank you so much for your generosity and thinking of us!