Dear Blue Star Mothers,

This is LCpl.  J, AKA Mary Ellen’s neighbor or Barbara’s grandson. I’m not sure who exactly this e-mail will reach but I would like to thank all the volunteers the same. Also I would like to answer some of the questions I get asked in some of my letters. In total there are about 55 people in my unit, two of which are females. There is almost nothing on the highpriority list so if there are others in need, by all means give to them first. That being said, anything is greatly appreciated by myself and any others that receive any goodies. My rotation date out of Japan is October 1, 2017 but that might get pushed back to as late as August 22, 2018 at the latest. Thank you again so much for keeping me in your thoughts and please give a special hello to Mary and Barbara.


Best regards,

LCpl J