We are a US Army Reserve Unit out of Ohio (Toledo) but we have many members from Cinni/Dayton/KY area.

We are spread out all over, I can’t exactly tell you where due to OPSEC issues, but we have many people in rather rough areas, that I can say.

I saw one of your boxes here in XXXXXXX and it had your blue sheet with your POC in it, which is how I found out about you all, so thank you for sending goodies here. A small taste of home is AWESOME!

Anything you send will be well received by all.

Anything you send will be well received, small snacks from home are awesome, truly, anything is awesome from home.

Here are  the addresses if you can, our people are spread out all over: redacted for security

Thank you. I have no need for anything, so I am not including my address on purpose. This is for the Joe’s, as they need help, I am fine.