Thank You Thank You Thank You!

There is so much that comes to mind when I think of all the support we have received and all of the love we’ve been shown. We have been absolutely blown away by the countless words of encouragement and numerous items sent our way. Our battalion’s morale has been increased because of your selflessness, your heart for Soldiers,

and your heart for our country. You did things you didn’t have to do to grant us access to things we didn’t have. For all you have done I offer our sincerest thank you and my personal commitment to complete the task that lies ahead….

We are truly, truly grateful for all you have done and we do not intend to flood you with requests. We are literally overwhelmed, honored, and humbled. My apologies for the late expressions of gratitude, but prayerfully you have received some sort of contact from our Soldiers via email and, if not, via snail mail very soon.

You are a most needed blessing and an answered prayer for us and I pray God’s continued Grace, Mercy, Favor, Peace, Protection, Love, and Success to you. From the Soldiers of 3-29 FA and the Unit Ministry Team, thank you very, very much.

Chaplain  H.

Task Force Pacesetter

3-29 FA