Dear Friends and Family of Blue Star Mothers of Dayton Ohio,

I wanted to write to share the immense gratitude from myself and the members of my Team for all of the support you have provided us for over the past six months.  We are soon drawing our deployment to a close, and will be replaced by another cohort of talented and eager folks.  I have attached one of the “hero referral” forms I received from my mother who works with your team so that our replacements can enjoy the same wonderful support as they tackle their duties out here.

Your care packages brought so much joy to everyone, and I wanted to be sure you knew it!  We shared the foodstuffs and the notes of encouragement with everyone at the office here, and they loved it too!  Truly, you are all a blessing.

I enclosed a photo of the Team we took out here a few weeks back so you could get an illustration of the folks whom you all cared for.

My Team’s looking forward to heading home and seeing friends and family.  If we ever cross paths I’ll be sure to thank you in person.

I wish you all the best!


CPT APS (redacted)

Team Leader

(redacted) Afghanistan