Blue Star Months Miami Valley,

Thank you very much for your care packages.  That was a great selection of items.  They will definitely be put to good use!  Since my last message to you, we have taken on another mission as well.  We are responsible for welcoming and seeing off every flight of Soldiers coming in and out of theater.  So a lot of the items you send will be really helpful to them since they are traveling and could use snacks and hygiene items.

We are also conducting a 2-day Suicide Intervention Training a couple of times a month.  Snacks are very popular there as well.

Here is a list of the most popular items:

– Healthy Snacks (low sodium Trail Mix, Dried Fruit, etc) Meal Replacement Bars (Cliff Bars, Power Bars, etc) Beef Jerky, nuts

– Canned meal replacement that has a self-opening lid

– Hygiene products (Shaving Gel Cans, Bar Soap, Mini (Travel Size) Shampoo, feminine products, packages of wet wipes)

– larger packages of coffee grounds (Dunkin Donuts, Maxwell House, etc) for use at our Suicide Intervention Courses

– Peel and Stick Name Badge Labels for use at our Suicide Intervention Courses

– May be able to add back chocolate snacks around late November when it gets cooler

I would probably avoid any canned items that don’t have a self-opening lid.

Stop mail date is XXXXXXXX



BDE Chaplain, USA