Hello Blue Star Mothers,

I hope you all are doing really well and we all surely were so excited to receive ya’ll’s wonderful box of goodies!!!  Thank you all ever so much for thinking of us over here.  I get so excited opening the boxes you all send to us.  We truly appreciate the great items you all sent.  The wooden cards are sooo adorable and the wood smells so great.  We are saving them to use for Halloween so if the children stop in we can give them a treat.  If there are any left over then we’ll give to the children that visit the center.  We really appreciate the match book cars and all of the color and art books and colored pencils too.  And we all got so tickled at the stuffed Ty animals..they are so cute. We are saving those also for Halloween.  It will be so very nice to have these nice things to give to the children…thank you all sooo much for thinking of us.  We truly do appreciate it.

I wanted to ask you about this too please.  We received some letters from boy scout Troop 110 in Perrysburg, Ohio.  In the business of the day they got separated from the other goodies in another box we received.  I wanted to let the boys in the Troop know that we received their wonderful letters and have them sitting out for the troops to read and enjoy and I took a picture to send the boys.  Can you all please let me know if you all sent the letters from Troop 110 in Perrysburg in your box.  I’d appreciate it.

Thank you all so very, very much for being so kind and generous to the troops.



J. S., Center Operations Specialist

Ramstein USO