Blue Star Mothers,

My name is Charlie (last name redacted for privacy) and I’m currently deployed with the 82nd Airborne Division as part of the recent no-notice deployment on New Year’s Eve. I recently received three packages filled to the top with candy, toiletries, microwavables, notes, and other goodies. As soon as I opened the packages I noticed your blue note on top and was immediately moved. My team enjoyed all of the goodies that you provided to us. My understanding is that my information was given to you and your team by Mrs. Counts. While I have only met her once she has thought of me and my fellow Soldiers / Paratroopers on each occasion I have deployed. It is because of people and organizations like yours that we feel remembered and most of all “full”! We are full from your great goodies but most of all your love. Thank you and your team for your service that you provide!

Charlie (last name redacted for privacy)

Very Respectfully,

CPT Charlie (last name redacted for privacy)

82ND Forward Battle Captain