This is why we send our care packages:

We found this thank you letter when searching through our older emails and thought everyone would enjoy it too.


        My name is PFC Steven Txxxxx. We recently received your packages and wanted to express our appreciation for them!! We really enjoyed everything in them and needed alot of the toiletries. We are a small cannon crew of around 15 members and we run the XXXX and XXXXX firing points on one of the bases in Afghanistan. As things are starting to dissolve over here we are starting to lose our amenities such as the place we would walk to to get meals and the small store we would purchase snacks and toiletries from. We mainly have 2  meals a day with snacks in between when we have them. We have no running water so everything is out of bottles. We do have a bath house we can walk to for showering which is nice. All the items you have sent us will and are being used and we definitely appreciate the thought you and your group have put into all of the packages. I have a couple of names of some brothers that could use a letter if you are looking for some names. Tyrone Exxxxxx, Matthew Sxxxxxxxx, and Antonio Pxxxx. Most of us receive letters and we all love them. These few I listed I hadn’t put their names in. I have attached a file of our unit on our 3 month anniversary. Thanks again and please feel free to email me if you have any questions. Again, we really really appreciate your support. Thanks,

                                   PFC Steve Txxxxx